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Hazardous Waste Emergency Response in Florida

If you have a hazardous waste spill, you need rapid containment, cleanup and removal to keep people safe and to protect the environment. Chem Klean has over 20 years of experience with responding to emergency spills.

Whether you have a major chemical spill or a small container leak, we can guide you through the clean-up process to ensure your facility is safe and maintains compliance. Our emergency response team has extensive training and experience with cleanups of all types and will quickly deploy to your location, anywhere in the South Florida region.

When there’s an emergency, every minute counts. For 24/7 emergency service, call 305-807-3895 and we’ll dispatch a team of professionals with all the equipment necessary to get your facility back to a safe and compliant workplace.

Prompt and Effective Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Services

Any business using heavy equipment, operating a fleet of vehicles or storing fuel onsite will likely have to deal with a gas or diesel fuel spill sooner or later. Spills are commonly caused by vehicle refueling, damaged vehicle components and leaky reservoirs. Whether small or large, a fuel spill creates hazards for employees and the environment.

If you have an oil spill, evacuate your staff from the area and contact Chem Klean. Our oil spill cleanup team will follow all local, state and federal cleanup and disposal regulations to ensure compliance. To limit your risk of spills in the future, ask about a professional site assessment.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance in Hazardous Waste Emergency Situations

A chemical or laboratory spill presents significant risks to the environment and anyone in the vicinity. These spills may also be subject to fines for violating regulations, requiring professional cleanup and extensive documentation to meet state and federal guidelines.

Upon arrival, our team sets up to contain the spill, identify health threats and secure the vicinity. We’ll clean up any hazardous waste, separate damaged materials and take photos to include with our full incident report.


hazardous waste material worker in hazmat suit infront of barrels of hazardous waste

Container Spill Response

When you spot a container leak, contact the local experts who can respond to your location fast. We manage container leaks by isolating the damaged container, stopping the leak and transferring any usable material into salvage containers. We’ll then collect and transport the rest for proper disposal.

Our emergency cleanup teams have the training and experience to respond to container leaks of any liquid. We perform thorough safety checks and keep detailed logs of the cleanup progress.

Committed to Providing Rapid and Reliable Hazardous Waste Clean-Up

Rapid Emergency Hazardous Waste Removal in Florida

Preparation is the first step in planning your emergency response. Our expert consultants can help you limit your risk with hazardous materials by training for your staff, creating a collection and removal schedule, site assessments for identifying risk and much more. If you’ve had a spill, call our office at 305-863-7807 or our 24/7 line at 305-807-3895 right away to protect your staff, reduce damage to the environment and protect your business from regulatory action.

Schedule your consultation today to learn more about how we can help you press toward a cleaner tomorrow!

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