Proper hazardous waste disposal is crucial to human health and the environment. Understanding the type of hazardous waste your company generates and how to dispose of hazardous materials helps you 遵守规定 with government regulations and prevent contamination. Hazardous 废物运输及处理服务 can help you handle your waste 安全 and efficiently.


危险废物是指任何废物材料 会严重危害环境吗 或者人类健康. Hazardous waste generators and transporters must follow the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) regulations to ensure cleanliness, 安全与健康. The EPA considers the following materials to be hazardous wastes:

  • 易燃液体
  • 受污染的固体
  • 花油

Understanding how to dispose of toxic waste requires an understanding of different types of hazardous waste. 环保署列出了一些具体的直接有害废物 将其他废物分类为危险废物 根据他们的特点.


废物 被认为是危险废物 如果环境保护局将其列入下列清单之一:

1. F列表

环境保护署的 F清单确定危险废物 从工业和制造过程. 这些过程可以发生在不同的工业部门, so the EPA includes hazardous wastes on the F list if their sources are nonspecific. Depending on the industrial or manufacturing process that generates F-list wastes, 环保局将它们分为以下几类:

  • 木材防腐浪费
  • 废溶剂废物
  • Dioxin-bearing废物
  • 氯化脂肪烃生产
  • 金属精加工废料,如电镀废料
  • 源渗滤液
  • 炼油厂废水处理污泥

2. K列表

The K list identifies source-specific hazardous wastes that come from specific manufacturing and industry sectors. K类清单上的危险废物必须属于环境保护署的一类 详细的K清单废弃物描述,并且必须符合以下13个行业之一:

  • 石油炼制
  • 农药生产
  • 有机化学品制造业
  • 木材防腐
  • 无机颜料制造
  • 炸药的制造
  • 兽药制造
  • 钢铁生产
  • 原铝生产
  • 无机化学品制造
  • 二次铅处理
  • 炼焦
  • 墨水配方

3. P和U列表

The EPA lists unused commercial-grade and pure chemicals that are disposed of on the P and U lists. Hazardous wastes on these lists must contain at least one of the P or U lists' included chemicals, 而且化学品必须是未使用的. The chemical must also be in a commercial chemical product form.

对于P和U列表, the EPA defines commercial chemical products as ones that are technical-grade, 100%纯的或化学成分的唯一有效成分. U名单 由危险废物组成 由废弃的商业化学产品产生, and the P list consists of acute hazardous wastes from these products.


The EPA classifies some wastes as hazardous because of their characteristics. A characteristic hazardous waste has at least one of the following properties:

  • 反应性: Reactive wastes can emit toxic gases, cause explosions in heated conditions or react with water. 它们在标准条件下通常是不稳定的.
  • 腐蚀性: A corrosive waste usually has a significantly low or high pH level, 腐蚀性废物可以腐蚀钢铁.
  • 毒性: Toxic wastes can harm the body if a person ingests or comes in contact with them.
  • 可燃性: Ignitable wastes can be ignitable compressed gases, low-flash-point liquids or ignitable solids.



如果你的公司生产或处理危险废物, you must dispose of it correctly to protect your community and the environment. Proper hazardous waste disposal also ensures your company remains compliant with government regulations.

The EPA enforces strict regulations for hazardous waste treatment and disposal. While companies can send some hazardous wastes to the landfill if they stabilize and solidify them first, most hazardous wastes can contaminate the surrounding environment if they enter a landfill. 保护社区和环境免受潜在危害, 当你处理废物时,你必须遵守环保署的规定.

Forming an environmental management system (EMS) that focuses on hazardous waste helps to ensure your company follows the EPA's regulations. 制定一个计划 识别相关的EPA要求, lists appropriate solutions and explains management procedures and processes. 然后你的公司可以使用你的计划来妥善处理废物, 遵守规定, 管理其对环境的影响, 防止污染,保护您的企业免于责任.

You can comply with hazardous waste regulations with the following steps:

  1. 识别: First, identify the types of hazardous waste you need to handle.
  2. 数: 确定有多少 危险废物磅数 你的公司或工厂每月生产.
  3. 通知: Notify the EPA or your state agency of your hazardous waste activities.
  4. 管理: Manage your hazardous waste according to the EPA's regulations regarding the specific type of waste you generate.
  5. 交通: 如果你需要把垃圾运离现场,你必须这样做 提交舱单表格 跟踪每一批废物.
  6. 处理、回收或处置: Treat, recycle or dispose of your hazardous waste according to EPA regulations.


The EPA has regulations in place for different hazardous waste disposal methods. If you are wondering how to remove hazardous waste from your facility, 你可以用以下方法妥善处理废物:


You can treat some hazardous wastes with the following treatment methods:

  • 生物处理,如土地耕作
  • Physical treatment using evaporation, solidification, sedimentation, filtration or flotation
  • Chemical treatment involving ion exchange, precipitation, neutralization, oxidation or reduction
  • 焚烧等热处理


Specific hazardous waste landfills can take some types of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste landfills are lined with nonporous materials such as clay, and they typically contain additional safeguarding such as leak protection systems, 风分散控制和双层衬垫. These protective measures prevent hazardous waste from reaching the environment and humans. 填埋处置只适用于固体废物.


Organizations can follow EPA hazardous waste recycling regulations to recycle their waste. Hazardous waste recycling is a preferable disposal method because it conserves natural resources, 减少国家对原材料的依赖, 节约能源, 防止污染,产生经济效益. 环境保护署已经制定了指导方针,以帮助公司了解 如何回收有害废物 安全.


Industrial and hazardous waste removal services can help your company dispose of hazardous waste 安全. Professional services handle hazardous waste transportation and disposal properly to ensure your company remains in compliance with EPA regulations.

用Chem clean处理您的危险废物

用Chem clean处理您的危险废物

The EPA has regulations in place to protect the environment and human health from hazardous waste. Proper hazardous waste transportation and disposal are crucial to preventing contamination and potential health risks. 化学清洁提供安全危险 废物运输及处理服务 to ensure your company remains in compliance with EPA requirements. 联系Chem clean了解更多信息 关于安全高效的危险废物服务.